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GRIM Srl is a manufacturer specialist in the design, construction and sale of self-propelled agricultural machinery for crop protection.
The process of growth and evolution of the agricultural spraying industry and spraying machines has led many farms to replace their old equipment with new sprayers, self-propelled, with increased performances, reliability and technology. Our self-propelled sprayers, constantly being updated in compliance with the newest safety regulations about operator health and respect for the environment, make use of precision farming systems, allowing to improve the quality of the final product and to contain the dispersion of chemical, phytochemical or natural products.
Each GRIM product has been specially designed to adapt to any crop, whether it is low traditional (cereals, wheat, barley, horticultural, tomato, rice, etc.) or high (sunflower, corn, rapeseed, cotton etc.).
Innovative farming techniques and new crop varieties, including corn, have led to a considerable growth in height of the plantations, forcing the manufacturers to design new machines able to meet those needs.
This is the case of the GT and MAXI models, commonly called also stilt sprayers, suitable for the corn treatment to fight the corn borer and rootworm proliferation, thus protecting the corn grain from aflatoxins contamination. These machines, with a straddle-type frame, are also suitable for tobacco, cotton, sunflower and any other extensive inter row crops.


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